Saturday, May 17, 2008

David Caruso - Over-actor extraordinaire

I've told as many people as possible of CSI: Miami's brilliance. And by "brilliance" I mean "ridiculousness."
David Caruso is such an over-actor extraordinaire. That video montage of Caruso’s ridiculous one-liners is the most I’ve ever seen of this show, and the most I ever want to see. A cheap knockoff with the worst acting on TV.
The storylines are absolutely preposterous.
The writing and acting for this show is excrutiating. I'd rather have dengue fever for a week than watch this crap.
Someone needs to put this show out of our misery. I am so Horatio'd out. He was good when the show first started but can someone with an ego that big fit his rear into his Hummer?

Some nitwits who have their little heads high up David Caruso's skinny arse CLAIM....

........ONLY because of his creation of Horatio Caine are impersonators able to mimic him.....

LOL...LOL...LOL.....when we finally stopped laughing and wipped away tears of laugther we came to the conclusion they must have hit their heads very hard lately, otherwise they wouldn't talk so much BULLSHIT.
EVERY comedian will mimic idiot David Caruso because he JUST IS A BAD ACTOR who DESERVES to be made fun of. THE MORE the BETTER.
The joke is on turd Caruso!


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