Wednesday, May 14, 2008

David Caruso - Ginger monotonic lunatic

David Caruso is unwatchable to me (no doubt due to leaning head syndrome or inability to deliver a line without sounding like it was from a Rambo movie),
Caruso could have a sort of boring melodramatic cage match sort of dull-off with the winner getting to be the only "actor" to be able to speak all the best stilted and slowly delivered mono-tone cliche's ever to be written in movies or TV until death finally, mercifully, takes them from our viewing displeasure.
David Caruso watched Boondock Saints one too many times.
You're not Dafoe,

The sunglass move is great but I prefer the little two-step dance, like he had something stuck up his ass.He's really using the sunglasses to hide the fact he's dying on the inside. Every time he doesn't put on his sunglasses, you can tell that he wants to so bad.


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