Thursday, May 29, 2008

David Caruso - ME and MY AUTOGRAPH-CARDS

CSI: Miami star David Caruso was more than willing to pose for photos with fans of the popular CBS series. Caruso even rattled off a few of his beloved one liners while taking his trademark sunglasses on and off.

One fan took the rather surreal experience to the next level by playing the series' theme song on their phone. Caruso laughed, then put on sunglasses and said, "That's the sound of me missing my flight," while the phone played the ringtone again.

My friend got randomly autograph attacked by Caruso. I need to tell him it was part of a larger spree...


Quote of the day: "Umm, excuse me Mr. Caruso, could you step over to your left for just on second? We're trying to get a shot of Jimmy Smits walking down the concourse."

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