Wednesday, May 7, 2008

David Caruso - An "expert" in matters of love....

This is the translation of a French article with pictures of David Caruso and his new lady love leaving a posh resort in San Diego.
Wine and Dine and screw
them in style, right David?


David Caruso, 52, of CSI Miami has a new woman in his life. For some time, the actor who portrays Horatio Caine hid his new love. The three times married and three times divorced redheaded actor is a Lothario when it comes to women.
David Caruso fathered 3 children with two different women. His youngest -Marquez Anthony, 2 and Paloma, 6 months - are from his romance with Liza Marquez - whom Caruso obviously had no time to marry...
Friday afternoon, May 2, the couple was leaving in a luxurious hotel in Los Angeles, before heading to their lover's nest, a posh resort near San Diego. There, they have not left their bungalow for 24 hours ...
No doubt, David is an expert when it comes to love.


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