Sunday, May 25, 2008

David Caruso, Google and a more than appropriate comment..

Just for fun we googled "David Caruso is a loser" and came up with staggering 21.600 entries!
Hence, there must be a few more more out there who are grossed out/annoyed by David Caruso and his ridiculous performance that some poor souls losely call "acting"...

Here is one of the countless amusing examples of what kind of feelings they expierence when they happen to watch David Caruso on TV! LOL:

A lot of you don't like David Caruso.
Caruso "shot himself in the foot" years ago. His limited career is more his own doing.
I fucking hate Caruso and the only time I've enjoyed his performance is when he was a panzy ass rookie cop in Rambo: First Blood. He played a little chicken shit cop and it is soo much funnier than the fart that comes out of his mouth on CSI: Miami.
I wanna shoot my TV everytime I see him on CSI Miami. No one better than David Spade to make fun of such a loser.....

Hear! Hear!

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