Friday, May 23, 2008

Hack actor David Caruso!

I thoroughly dislike David Caruso, he has always acted the same, he either whispers or yells, he is a hack actor. Sure, I can see a certain amount of camp value in watching Caruso making a fool of himself ....
His character, from the ludicrous name to the even more ludicrous posturing, is ridiculous and totally juvenile, like something a naive tenth-grader would dream up in a creative writing class thinking he's being edgy and original - tough, shades-wearing HORATIO CAINE who solves most crimes with his .45 and a sneer. Ohhh ... dark!

Why do producers insist that Howdy Doody can play a cop?
Come on, my 5 year old daughter is'nt intimidated by him. He wasnt a cop in NYPD and he aint' making it in Miami either.
I think that once
Caruso gets over his constipation, he will not look so strained all the time. However, his acting will still suck...

Quote of the day: CSI Miami Now means (C)ARUSO (S)UCKS (I)N: MIAMI

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