Thursday, May 15, 2008

David Caruso - Too lazy to write autographs?

Like someone posted yesterday, David Caruso more or less got rid of a fan in a not very polite way. (
We understand that being out shopping with his new love interest, Amina Islam, should be kind of a private thing.

However, we know that it is David Caruso himself who never tires of lamenting about
"how important his fans are to him". We don't know HOW true this satement is when he encounters fans. But we don't consider handing out presigned cards as being very "fan-friendly".

We also do not consider telling a fan to get lost by "having to take a call" as very fan-friendly either.

Either Caruso deals with his fans in a proper way or he avoids them at all.

Everyone of them deserves to be treated in a respectfully .

After all it is them who turn in ever week.

After all, it is them who keep Caruso employed.

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