Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Caruso can't act for squat...

Let it be known here that I never got into any other of the CSI franchise, but I really DID try to like CSI-Miami.
David Caruso made it impossible.
He can't act for squat.
The unintentional comedy caused by David Caruso's horrendous acting is the reason the show is unwatchable.
I swear to God he went to the Jack Lord school of acting - where he learned to put on and remove his sun glasses with great emotion. One night when he removed them, I thought "Book 'em, Danno, murder one."


Quote of the day:
Caruso is CEO of Lexicon Digital Communications, which is "developing intellectual proprietary application solutions and products." Perhaps the rest of the CSI Miami team can figure out what the hell Lexicon does?

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