Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Caruso - Acting Zombie

CSI: Miami
Caruso walks around with slits for eyes, taking his sunglasses ofs and on and off again. David Caruso is an irritating and awful actor.
He just stinks up the screen with his posturing and postulating.
At first, I thought he was going for camp, it was so bad. Actually, that's how I can tolerate watching him now -- I just laugh at his overacting ass.

...just cannot act. He poses, as though he were a male model in a J. Crew catalogue. Is there anyone on the set that can explain blocking to him. Caruso has done a dubious job of crafting wooden gestures and traits into his character to give it more color, which again lessens the realism.

This show would be so much better if you did not have David Caruso. He ruins it.
improved so much once he left. This show might improve if he was replaced. Caruso comes across as one of the most unattractive, arrogant actors on screen.



Quote of the day:
Has anyone ever seen David Caruso act? Anyone? Staring like a zombie is not acting.

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