Saturday, May 17, 2008

David Caruso - Flat-out ridiculous!

......we took in a special 2-hour episode of 24, followed by CSI Miami - in what should be three gripping hours of television drama, but instead only exposed CSI Miami for the half-baked, poorly written, half-acting tripe it is.
The laidback, wait-around, ridiculous attitude of CSI Miami is simply nauseating. While 24 can at times be less than credible
David Caruso's transparent, shallow pandering to the camera is flat-out ridiculous

David Caruso was on NYPD Blue, his character was very good, and he rivaled Dennis Franz for our attention. But we all know how that ended - with his being written out of the show and forced into what was long considered the most dramatic example of career suicide known in the TV acting business.
That he got a second chance with CSI Miami was fine, but the man is a


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