Monday, May 12, 2008

David Caruso's hot new lover

Like we already hinted in December 2007 the times of boring domestic life are over for David Caruso. David Caruso has swapped women - again. Gone is the Latina who has put on a bit too much weight, as it seems. Now he dates a good looking actress of (yet) unknon origin. We have to admit that we have never heard her name before. Nor have we seen a movie she has played in. There is very little the Internet has to say about David Caruso's new lover.
The following was found when we googled her name:
AMINA ISLAM is an actress who was a regular background extra during the run of Star Trek: Enterprise. She portrayed a command division ensign and received no on-screen credit for her work. Islam had a background part in the horror thriller All Souls Day: Dia de los Muertos (2005), alongside Jeffrey Combs, David Figlioli, and Robert Budaska.

So, for our readers to have a possibility of comparison we put up two pictures. One is of the women Caruso dumped . The other one is of his hot new lover. We think we all can understand WHY he DUMPED Marquez to be with Islam....
.....Domestic (fat Latina) bordom vs. Sex-Godess.

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