Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nobody likes David Caruso.

I was just reading the roundup of the "100 unsexiest men in the world," as compiled by Boston's Phoenix. Top unsexy's: David Caruso.
Mr. Caruso just makes me sick every time I see him.
Remember when he was first on NYPD Blue and he was being sold as "hot'?? Oh man that freckled ivory arse is NOT hot!

Can't stand his acting....besides David Caruso is one of the 5 worst "actors" in entertainment history.
He is a sad, sad little man, because he thinks this business he does with the SOJ, and the pausing, is actually "acting"! No, really, he does!....


Quote of the day: Can you give one reason why David Caruso is allowed to keep acting? Maybe he's hung like a horse....(

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