Sunday, May 18, 2008

David Caruso - 6 foot tall and a real asshole

"Does David Caruso have fans?"

We googled the above sentence and stumbled upon a webpage with thhe following wonderful comment about David Caruso.

Have a ncie day!

He is one of the actors who is also in real life an unpleasant asshole. I met him back in 1994, at the tail end of his NYPD Blue run. Was a self-important prick and loathed, incidentally, by others far more important than me.

You gotta wonder about a guy who turns down a 300 percent pay increase after only one year on a show that starts off hugely successful and has all sorts of long-term potential. Guy goes from making 20 grand to 80 grand an episode, is one of the leads on an intelligent, cutting-edge police drama and it's not enough for him. You know the guy's got an ego.

David Caruso must be 6 foot tall.

He stands with his head tilted slightly forward which can make him appear shorter.. However, he's too busy slouching and being Pretentious Man to stand up straight.


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