Friday, May 16, 2008

David Caruso - Comedy Central

The funniest part of CSI: Miami by far is David Caruso.
This guy was born to play the comedic straight man. He has his delivery and mannerisms down so well that I laugh uncontrollably every time he utters a line or removes his sunglasses.

Caruso - I don't know if I've suffered through a show of such bad acting that didn't understand it was bad.

William Shatner
, for example, knows who he is and how he comes off and plays it up;
Keanu Reeves
similarly comes off as if he knows he's just a prop.
David Caruso delivers his sickening moralizing lines and there's this MTV-style perp walk at the end of the show.
I root for the perps.

None of them are guilty of
wooden acting.

I also don't get how
Caruso gets away with his bad acting....


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