Tuesday, May 20, 2008

David Caruso is going nowhere!

There are only a few things that are certain in life. Next to death and taxes it is the fact that David Caruso never ever will leave CSI Miami.


Watch a few episodes of CSI Miami.
Watch Caruso "perform".
Listen to his incredibly stupid manner of speech.
Watch him pose.
Watch him utter incredibly stupid one liners.

Besides, David Caruso has a bad reputation. It follows him around everywhere.
David Caruso is known to be very difficult and demanding. His unreasonable Diva-behaviour is dreaded among those who work in the show-bizz.
Unforgotten, the report by someone called
"onsetsnitch" who thankfully revealed facts/tidbits surrounding David Caruso's ridiculous on-set behavior.


Last but not least - The man has little to NO TALENT.
No charisma.
Nada. Zwero. Zilch.
He is 52 and looks every day of it.
So, no folks, David Caruso is going nowhere.
Simply, because NO ONE would give him another job.
We know that. Everyone in the TV business knows that. David Caruso knows that.
There are NO THIRD CHANCES - especially not for assholes like David Caruso.

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