Thursday, May 8, 2008

David Caruso - Primary offender

Because of David Caruso, the judgement of anyone who likes Miami CSI is subject to extreme doubt. Caruso is arguably the most insufferable TV actor ever. He positively snivels, even when he's snarling. At least for David Caruso in the Miami show, one can laugh at the Keanu Reeves-ish one facial expression (and those bloody sunglasses that he MUST wear, even indoors or at night).
Caruso is the primary offender in the "What is wrong with CSI" sweepstakes..

I just want to reach into the tv and slap the eternally smug-look off of his face!

CSI decided to do a Law & Order and start a franchise. But unlike L&O, each show seems exactly the same: semi-name as the lead, very pretty & very dull team, and different locale (big whoop). The semi-name in this case is David Caruso, a giant-ego'd TV actor and free-lance dipwad. He starred in the first season of NYPD Blue, and then broke his contract for movies, announcing that the show would not survive without him. (Oops!) The two movies he starred in both flopped, and he had to tuck his tail between his legs and go back to TV. His next series failed, but then he lucked into this one. Failure became him, and when this series succeeded, his ego quickly re-inflated to an insufferable level.

I'm not fan of Caruso. Shut the man up, please. And does he have more than one (constipated) expression?

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