Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fan gets autograph-attacked by David Caruso!

Via Defamer we have learned about another weird event re David Caruso. It appears as if the red-haired egomaniac idiot thinks that everybody who as much glances at him wants an autograph.
Read and be amused:

Okay - my friend was working, and came out to see an exterior shoot for CSI: Miami. He thought, "Hey cool," and stood for like 30 seconds looking at the set, lights, etc. He looks to his right and sees David Caruso a foot away, staring at him. He smiles politely and David Caruso pulls a headshot out from nowhere, signs it, hands it to him silently and walks away.
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Quote of the day:
Someone should have asked him to autograph a can of Diet Pepsi!

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