Sunday, May 4, 2008

David Caruso blames failures on other people.

Some posts are great food for thought that we just need to post (plagiarize) them. Sorry, we couldn't resist:

....The actor behind the man, David Caruso (here after known as DC), is very controversial. I never watched NYPD BLUE so until he created a ruckus by getting a "big head" and walking out on the show, I didn't know him from Adam.
I didn't pay much attention to him until CSI:MIAMI.
The internet is full of DC fan and detractor sites. The fans think the people who point out his flaws and talk about him fabricate all the information posted while the detractors think the fans are blind as bats for supporting him. I read them all.
I figure I'm intelligent enough to read through all the info and throw out what doesn't make sense to me. The problem is that a lot of the derogatory information is in the newspaper and on news sites, so it can't be all wrong.
I read in an interview that DC said after several of his movies failed was that "They wanted him to fail." (?????) I don't know who this mysterious "we" is but they were the ones who chose the movies he was in. That was all his doing and they were bad choices. Even actors in the caliber of Nicolas Cage, Samuel L Jackson, Stanley Tucci, and Chaz Palmenteri couldn't save these movies. The only movie I saw with DC in it during the void between NYPD BLUE and CSI:MIAMI was COLD AROUND THE HEART. I wasn't impressed. ......

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