Wednesday, May 28, 2008

David Caruso.....

David Caruso Leaving NYPD Blue...
I never liked this guy in anything he ever did. All of a sudden he believed he had some incredible clout in Hollywood. . .he'll be coming soon to a late-night TV movie near you. . .LOL!
NYPD Blue got much much better after this no talent louse left. He slipped out of his contract and was barred from the small screen for awhile because of it. Personally, I think his head just got so big they couldn't shoot scenes with him with one or more other actors.

Since his dreams of major stardom bombed, I see he's high tailed it back to the tube. I don't really know how this all affected his acting career
in the long run. However, I do think his acting is still pretty affected.
This was probably the best thing that did happen to NYPD Blue.

Caruso should do ALL of us a favor and leave television and entertainment all together...a talentless hack..

Quote of the day:
Caruso should've have been on 24 because he could have played Jack's retarded bro..(

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