Saturday, May 24, 2008

David Caruso is just an idiot

David Caruso is such a creepy man. .
I don't know why I even bother watching "CSI: Miami," but once I start, I just can't stop. The more maggots and grossness there is, the better.
Of course, the absolute grossest thing is when
David Caruso attempts to flirt. He always flirts with really smokin' ladies and he is SO CREEPY and not cute. Then they respond, and I just want to yell at them and ask how they can do that to themselves....
The worst acting I've EVER seen
is the idiot on csi Miami
Have you ever met any real person who talks like that?
is a word to describe Dane Cook or Drew Carrey.
David Caruso is just an idiot....


Quote of the day:
Well, David Caruso is a complete tool, but besides that.......

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