Sunday, May 25, 2008

David Caruso - Ugly, ugly, fug face

CSI: Miami is a terrible show; it has some of the most terrible acting in the genre with incrediebly self-righteous moralizing non-believable story lines married to painfully expositional dialogue and the most inane computer interface fantasizing ever seen.
An actor who, if he were a woman, wouldn't be working in television, is
David Caruso. I can't watch CSI Miami because of him and his ugly face and stupid ass poses. Nobody comes comes close to his campy “what’s Darth Vader doing as a cop in Miami?” - portrayal of Horatio Caine.
Caruso's freakishly unemotional acting is laughable at best. He always speak to someone turned slightly to the side; why must he put his hands in his hips like a pudgy superhero?
I like C.S.I., but not C.S.I.: Miami, because
David Caruso fills me with a seething rage so extreme, it makes me want to beat up old ladies at the Jewel....
Caruso,....ugly,ugly fug face.

Quote of the day:
I don’t think all red-heads are vampires. That said, Carrot Top, David Caruso and Nicole Kidman clearly are. LOL! (

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