Tuesday, May 6, 2008

David Caruso - Boy from Forrest Hills, NY

Isn’t David Caruso from CSI Miami?

David Caruso was in the worst butt fucking film of all time,William friedkin’s ‘Jade’. It was the first film he made when he decided to leave a hit show to become a ‘film star’.
IMDB says he was born in Forest Hills, NY.
Maybe he was there for the home team game.
What a ghoulish photo April chose of him. Blood
red hair above drained white skin pierced by Manson like eyes framed in all black. All he needs is a pair of fangs and he’d be a Dracula look alike.

Forest Hills: Where Californians go after they die. Where New York Yankee vampires (as opposed to umpires) dabble with corpses.

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