Monday, May 26, 2008

What is David Caruso thinking?

Look at the above picture and tell us what comes to your mind when you look at David Caruso's incredible stupid and goofy facial expression. What might the worst actor to ever grace the TV- screen have been thinking at just that moment?

...we have the answer...LOL..or at least a few SUGGESTIONS! LOL
  1. Damn! I just peed my pants!
  2. 3 Ex-wifes, three kids, alimony, palimony, do I get out of this mess?
  3. It is good to be ME - or so I tell myself everyday....
  4. I'm a GOOD actor, I'm a GOOD actor, I'm a GOOD actor...I just wan't those damn critics go away forever!
  5. The girl last night really sucked....
  6. Next season I 'll get an EMMY - or I'll quit!!! I swear!
  7. Mirror, mirror on the wall? Who is the coolest of them all? Meeeeeeee!!!!
  8. Ah shit, I shouldn't have eaten that darn Chilli last night!
  9. Where is my diet Coke, Berkley!
  10. What should I do? I'm a grown man with red hair!!!!

Quote of the day: David Caruso sucks balls. Always has. (

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