Tuesday, May 27, 2008

David Caruso is the rub.

Caruso is the most uh...uh...uh...unappealing character on TV.
Uh...nothing worse than an ugly red head unless he's an ugly redhead named
David Caruso who uh...thinks he's uh...sexy...and ...uh...cool.
First time I saw him was in RAMBO. Never imagined him to be able to carry out leading man status.
Caruso play Caine is trying. I do not understand his style but it reminds me of Loyd Nolan trying to be the character Mike Shane back in the 50's.
show is OK but Caruso is a rub. What he does use to be called overacting and is usually done in comedy. It just does not fly in a crime drama.



Quote of the day: You don't need jaded stalkers in order to get the Caruso bashing going on a blog.Caruso gets it started by being Caruso.

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