Friday, May 23, 2008

David Spade is poking fun at David Caruso.

David Caruso and his sunglasses - It’s bad acting or bad use of a prop or both; I'd call it a “lethal combination of Prop + Actor.”

For Caruso you could just use a cardboard cut out of him and audio since his facial expression never changes lol. Caruso is worse than watching paint dry. At least the paint isn’t annoying..

William Peterson is better than
David Caruso any day. Caruso fell flat on his face (well-deserved!!!) after he left NYPD Blue to launch his movie career. Caruso needs to grow up..... ...

We understand that the video his a RARITY and and an absolute must for every serious David Caruso-SNARK-FEST. We even think, it was the FIRST video that made fun about David Caruso and his more than ridiculous acting
(long before Jim Carey did) .
It is by David Spade, very funny and real pleasure to watch :

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