Tuesday, May 13, 2008

David Caruso - No-talent plank of wood

Let's call it the Most Ignominius Self-Inflicted Career Swan Dive question. So, honorable mention to David Caruso, who didn't realise that:

1) he was about the only megafamous proper 'Stay Out of the Sun'-Ginger at the time (there is a very good reason for this) and

2) NYPD Blue makes stars out of anyone who ever appears in it (Sipowicz for crying out loud!) and

3) he cannot act. The man is a plank of wood. He'd make someone a great cricket bat one day, but Olivier he ain't.

He would run away the category; I mean to the extent that it would be called "Doing a Caruso". Caruso'd be a story Hollywood parents tell to frighten their kids into behaving. But somehow he lands a job on another can't-fail TV franchise, where the only skill required of him is the portentous removal of his sunglasses.

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