Thursday, May 1, 2008

David Caruso - Celebrity Baby Nostradamus

There are the most funniest posts out there. One just has got to find them!!!
Ever heard of a Celebrity Baby Nostradamus?
We neither, until today....
The Kid: Marquez Anthony Caruso
The Parents
: David Caruso (you know...that fucker from CSI: Miami) and Liza Marquez
Recipe For Disaster

1 million strands of red hair
4 failed attempts at genuine acting
1 so-so looking mom

Future Endeavors
At an early age, Marquez developes obsessive compulsive sunglasses disorder. Cannot start any day without a quick blast of the intro to "Won't Get Foooled Again" by The Who. Eventually goes on to star in CSI's 16th iteration: CSI: Robert Downy Junior's Apartment.

Cause of Eventual Death

A mysterious murder where you think its gonna be the first guy they bring in, but then it turns out it isn't, but then in the end...IT ACTUALLY WAS!
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