Thursday, May 15, 2008

I despise David Caruso!

.......David Caruso from CSI:Miami will be there, taking his sunglasses off and then putting them on again, over and over just because I despise him and it would irritate me. I totally did it last night. It wasn’t half did it, it was a full did it and a totally conscious not whimsical did it...
I've always thought he was a bad casting decision and he really bothers me.He annoys me - BIG TIME!. He's trying to hard to be...I don't know what. It's really sad to see really, because before this he wasn't a bad actor (i.e. NYPD Blue), but he's so awful in CSI Miami.

I think they need an episode where he's facing a bad guy who's studied him....and they BREAK HIS GLASSES! I bet it'll be like kryptonite. He'll melt or something....LOL

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