Tuesday, May 27, 2008

David Caruso - A viewers verdict

We found the following comment while searching the net. We knew we just had to add it to our collection because it is a nice, true statement. LOL.
We like that.

Of all the
CSI shows though, I think CSI Mami annoys me the most, primarily because they're trying to pass David Caruso as a tough guy. I suppose with a name like Horatio Cane his character would no doubt have had to toughen up some or he would have spent all his formative years locked in his locker without lunch money, but still.
I mean, I bet even Hannah Montana could kick his skinny white ass...
Caruso should get a girlfriend that is his age--much younger girlfriends only make him look old and desperate......(We can't argue with that!)

Quote of the day: When "CSI: Miami" star David Caruso finds out that Neanderthals had red hair, he smiles enigmatically, puts on his sunglasses, and stares out at the coastline. (http://www.236.com/news/2007/10/26/news_odds_for_friday_october_2_1987.php)

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