Friday, May 23, 2008

David Caruso - Butt of the day...

We all know that it is a fact that David Caruso doesn't have a choice but to stay with CSI Miami as long as it airs. There are no prospects for him outside the show.
However, a fellow blogger has some sort of job offer for the wrinkled red-head....E-N-J-O-Y

"The Austrian authorities are searching for a woman who has threatened the life of CSI Miami star,
David Caruso. This is a serious overreaction to a relatively minor problem. We all know he is a terrible actor, but the man shouldn't be put to death, a severe beating or life imprisonment maybe, but not death.
I realize the woman is only trying to save us all from his constant brooding, but she has to cut him some slack. We can't expect all actors to have the skills and screen presence of say, a Desi Arnaz or Laurence Olivier.
Now there's a job for
David Caruso, sherriff of Cabot Cove. He can brood all day and no one will care. Besides, what possible crime would be committed in Cabot Cove? Lobster-napping maybe, but even Caruso could handle that - unless they stole the drawn butter too. Then it might get tricky...."

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