Wednesday, May 28, 2008

David Caruso - Poseur du jour

David Caruso "CSI Miami". His over-emoting is almost comical.
*Poseur du jour*
Caruso made just one wrong move in his career: making room for Jimmy Smits. Clooney made one of the best, that is what Caruso was trying to do but failed in the worst way. I was just reflecting on the irony of him being too good for TV, walking out, failing at movies and returning to what is essentially the same show he walked out on, but a much, much worse version. Caruso's acting is downright Shatner-esque.

Quote of the day: For those of you interested in the chronology of the "David Caruso head-tilt," it's alive and well. He cocked his noggin' to the right about 29 minutes into the episode...... (

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