Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tired of David Caruso?

People are getting tired of David Caruso.
Who can blame them?
However, it is interesting to notice that we found this special "Caruso-tiredness" amongst hard-core CSI Miami fans!
David Caruso would not be cast in a community theatre.
He is a poser, whoes pose is rude and unbelievable. In Davids portrayal of a criminal investagator he only makes eye contact when he is making a big point. A true investagator knows eye contact and observing body language is crucial. If an investagator does not do this he is not doing his job.
Just doing a "Gotcha!!" is annoying at best.

The best actors
act normally and don't over act. The only time I ever saw an actor portray a character such as David Carusco portray Horatio is in the worst film I ever watched.

Great comment!
"Good actor" and David Caruso are mutually exclusive...LOL

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