Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David Caruso - TV actor but utterly useless.

I've seen two episodes of CSI: Miami and almost every line David Caruso says is like the bad L&O one liners, but 25 times worse.
God he's horrible
. I don't like
David Caruso, he's goofy looking even in NYPD Blue David Caruso is such a weirdo

I love how my dad unashamedly Tivos CSI Miami just so he can sit there and laugh at David Caruso. And, as if to prove his point, when I looked up the show on IMDB to confirm his name, I saw that the tagline for the series reads "I'm Horatio Caine, and this much I know. At CSI Miami we never Close."
You left NYPD Blue, the Emmy factory, WHERE YOU WON AN EMMY, for this? And you were nominated for a Razzie only two years later?
And you couldn't even succeed AT THAT?!


Quote of the day:
Of course, we know that drama queen David Caruso is the whole reason why CSI Miami exists (he may think it’s why the WORLD exists)......
LOL! Priceless..


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