Monday, May 26, 2008

David Caruso - Bad acting weirdo!

Horatio Caine is just a ridiculous character, and David Caruso is such a weirdo.
I've seen two episodes of CSI: Miami and almost every line
David Caruso says is like the bad L&O one liners, but 25 times worse.
God he's horrible.
He's more wooden than the cast of Star Wars The Phantom Menace and Al Gore. David Caruso was a crappy pick for the lead of the show...he is such an over actor in this show its not even joke worthy.


Quote of the day: "Does he look orange when you watch that show? I think they use like weird filters. His face looks orange every time I go past that show." -- Mike the Associate Producer, trying to figure out David Caruso's odd hue on CSI:Miami (

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