Monday, May 26, 2008

David Caruso's bad dialouge massacre

Horatio Caine is the WORST character on TV...he is the Goober of crime dramas. And David Caruso is the Worst charicature of an actor since...well, I can't think of anyone worse! His very buffoonish appearance on the screen is cringe-inducing, and his monotone delivery is embarrassing to see and hear.

David Caruso's over-the-top intensity makes us watch CSI Miami for the same reason we used to catch
"Walker: Texas, Ranger" it's charicature of cartoon dimensions.
This show is overshadowed by David Caruso's horrible 'acting' style. No human actually speaks with so many strange inflections and pauses. Each episode would only be 20 minutes long if Caruso didn't take an eternity to utter every one of his lines.

Quote of the day:
And boy does Caruso massacre the bad dialogue! You really don't think it can be as bad as it is......(

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